Brandon Burnett is a singer/songwriter based in DFW, TX. His songs stem from several projects he has performed in from Folk, Country and Rockabilly. He inspired by his love for all genres and the history of Texas' musical roots. He has picked up the nick name "Broke String" Burnett as a testament to his passion and perseverance for his guitar playing, ever since he picked up the guitar as a teen in 2005. As a kid he was drawn to 90's country / Folk and Western. Even through his experiments in other genres, when Brandon sits down to write a song he goes back to the basics. He pours his heart into every note in hopes that you might see the world through his eyes, with love and understanding. Catch him in 2021 with new songs and a renewed appreciation for playing live music as he prepares to get back in the groove. 


After many hardships related (and some not related to) the pandemic of 2020, his duo project with wife, Jessica Burnett, has been significantly affected. While his other projects have slowed down, he is picking up speed with his solo material and plans on releasing new songs in the summer of 2021. 


Sat. March 27 Noon - 4pm

Woodshed Smokehouse

3201 Riverfront Dr.

Fort Worth, TX

Sun. April 11 Noon - 3pm

Fred's Texas Cafe

915 Currie St.

Fort Worth, TX


Fort Worth, TX, U.S.A.

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