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Burnett is composed of husband and wife duo Brandon and Jessica Burnett based out of fort worth, tx. Founded in 2017, they have combined soulful harmonies and folk music that lay the roots for their songs. The Burnett's vocals play a major role in each song. Inspired by the outlaw country music of their home state of Texas, the dynamic songwriting duo write original, high concept ideas that raise the stakes of their music. Their influences of rock and roll show through their high energy performances. 

Brandon and Jessica have been writing songs and playing shows all around the state of Texas since 2008. Jessica grew up singing in choir and they were both raised singing gospel in church. When writing original music, the tradition and history of Texas music is an important part of their  jumping off point. odd characters in interesting predicaments sets the stage for their first full length album, Blood Gold. Self described as a "western folk opera", Blood Gold takes place in a modern day dust bowl, where the whispers of buried treasures of legendary thieves and desperate scoundrels call these characters to the thrill of the chase and the promise of riches. But at what cost? 

The Burnett's love of movies and story telling shines through in a cinematic vision that is manifested not only by their lyrics but their self made music videos that take place in historic areas around Texas. from denton's old alton bridge to the ghost town of Terlingua. 

Recorded at Cloudland - Studio in fort worth and produced by prolific engineer, Britt Robisheaux,, Blood Gold released digitally and physically friday, august 30, 2019. You can listen here 

Happy New Year! The Burnetts kick off 2021 with an upcoming music video, the first in a series of a "Quarantine Series" of demos as incentive to keep fans excited about the future of their music. New song, Armageddon Weddin', coming Jan 2021!

*We want to thank everyone who helped this past year during the pandemic. 

Thank You!

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